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Well Intervention

Fracture Stimulation Design and Planning

  • Tender preparation and evaluation for stimulation services

  • Permeability mapping via DFIT´s

  • Personnel, chemicals and proppant selection

  • Logistics

  • Well performance evaluation

  • Economic analysis

  • Performance optimization

  • Log interpretation for mechanical properties

  • Coordination with geomechanics lab when conducting core tests

  • State of the Art fully 3D fracture design, modelling and optimization.

  • State of the art Mini-Frac Analysis Package to determine Fracture Parameters

  • Calibration of stress profile

  • ACA – after closure analysis

  • Horizontal well stimulation design

  • Define QAQC program of stimulation treatments

  • Post fracturing treatment evaluation

  • Perforation validation for fracturing.

Onsite QA/QC of Stimulation Execution

  • Stimulation equipment verification and certification

  • Chemicals and consumables verification and qualification

  • Flluid testing and verification of designed capabilities and properties 

  • Ensuring Stimulation Service Company is following required QAQC procedures

  • Designing, witnessing, supervising and approving pressure testing of treating lines prior to treatment

  • Designing, witnessing, supervising and approving diagnostic fracture treatments

  • Analysing diagnostic treatments and designing main fracture treatment with consideration of available equipment and consumables

  • Daily reportsing and updates at site

  • Providing detailed information regarding operations by combining and gathering all available data during the various well intervention treatments

  • Verifying and witnessing actual chemical and consumable usage and comparing to monitored usage volumes

  • Reviewing treatment tickets

Matrix Acidizing Design and planning

  • Candidate selection

  • Formation damage: Origin, Diagnosis and Treatment Strategy

  • Fluid and additives selection

  • Fluid placement and diversion strategy

  • Treatment evaluation

  • Coordination and follow-up with selected laboratory for analysis

Project Management

  • Tender and evaluation for project services

  • Development of Well Integrity Management System (WIMS)

  • Development of Well Operations Management Plan (WOMP)

  • Develop budget estimates and AFE

  • Project scheduling and management

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